Anne Frank

The setting for The Diary of Anne Frank is in a Secret Annexe in Amsterdam, Holland. Anne and her family are not the only people that are hiding in the Secret Annexe, the Van Daans live with them also. Anne draws a map in the book to show you a layout of the Secret Annexe. […]

Michael Jordan was born on January 17, 1963 in Bro

oklyn, New York and was raised in Wilmington, North Carolina. He has two brothers, is married, and has three kids. He is considered by many to be the greatest basketball player of all time (Kornbluth). My focus will be on his hardships, accomplishments, and people who influenced him. First, I would like to touch on […]


Vol. 83, No.6 December 1989 Whole No. 621 The Observatories of the Carnegie Institution, Pasadena, California, U.S.A. Hubble’s role. This year marks the centennial of the birth of Edwin Hubble. There can be no doubt that future historians, writing about the scientific advances of this age will describe the 20th century as epoch-changing in giving […]

Increasing Shareholder Wealth

Increasing Shareholder WealthINTRODUCTIONThe goal of all corporations is to increase shareholder wealth. Shareholder wealth is increased is by increasing the corporation’s profit. In acorporation involved in manufacturing, reducing the cost of the factors ofproduction is essential for growth. One of the major components of production costs is labor. When in comesto labor costs, the corporation […]

The Importance of Mining Industry

Theimportance of mining is definitely significant toCanada. Mining, is an important industry, andCanadians are very advanced in their miningtechnology, but during the mining process, there iscertain level of pollution produced. The Canadiangovernment and the mining companies have verygood plans and controls toward this problem,while ensuring the smooth running of the industries,and also helping to create […]


In Architecture Of what historic and contemporary concern is it that the architectureprofession has been, and continues to be, strongly male dominated in Australia(currently 90% of registered architects in NSW are men). Ideally, whatproportion of the profession should women occupy and why? From the start ofhuman history, we always experience certain level of inequality between […]

Andrew Jackson

The first and truest ideals of democracy were embodied in the politicalideas of Andrew Jackson and the Jacksonian democrats. Calling themselves theguardians of the United States Constitution, the Jacksonian politicians engenderedwide spread liberty under a government which represented all men, rather than onlythe upper class. While some policies under the democrats had evident flaws, theywere, […]


It must have been around eleven o’clock in the morning when I awoke from a stuffy and uncomfortable sleep, in the back of a moving mini-van. My mouth was dry, my nose was sore, and my eyes itched from sleep crust. A huge yawn escaped from my mouth as I tried to stretch my aching […]

Oedipus Rex By Sophocles

Where Lies the Blame? In Sophoclese play Oedipus The King, the fate ofOedipus, the main character, was foretold at his birth that he would kill hisown father and marry his mother. As a young adult, he went to see an oracleafter hearing rumors. The oracle told him of his foul fate and he ran awaytrying […]

Darrell Hinch

English Comp I09/13/04Gun Control vs. Gun RightsThe author discusses the issue of gun control vs. gun rights. Hestates “gun rights organizations have been more successful than guncontrol organizations because they have been paying off and supporting alot more important people than the gun control organizations.” He “that gunrights organizations, like the National Rifle Association, have […]