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Dining for Peace Program

Looking for a fun way to engage your community about peace and security issues? Then participate in WAND's Dining for Peace program!

Follow these 3 easy steps to host your Dining for Peace event:

  1. Invite your family and friends to meet together for a meal (i.e. organize a potluck at your home or gather at a local restaurant).
  2. Choose one of our creative Dining for Peace toolkits below to learn more about WAND's issues.
  3. Take action together using the advocacy materials in the toolkit!

Dining for Peace Toolkits

Help educate and empower others to build a more peaceful world. Organize your Dining for Peace event today! If you would like to host a Dining for Peace event or need more print materials, contact Senior WAND/ WiLL Program Associate Adzi Vokhiwa: avokhiwa@wand.org or (202) 544-5055 ext. 2603.


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