Women. Power. Peace.


WAND chapter members do great work in all regions of the country. Local chapters are vital to the effort to empower women and to help promote peace at the grassroots level. See below for a list of WAND chapters by state.

By becoming a member of your local chapter, you are automatically a member of National WAND. For more information about joining WAND at the local or national level, click here.

If you'd like to start your own WAND chapter, please get in touch with our Senior WAND/WiLL Program Associate: Adzi Vokhiwa| (202) 544-5055 ext. 2603 | avokhiwa@wand.org .


Website: www.arkwand.com
Chapter Leader: Pat Youngdahl, ruthlucy@comcast.net
Treasurer: Debbie Goolsby, debbiegoolsby@sbcglobal.net
Program Coordinator: Jean Gordon, jgordon@igc.org
Program Coordinator: Katherine West, kswest@aristotle.net


Website: www.gawand.org
Executive Director: Becky Rafter, becky@georgiawand.org
Board President: Dianne Valentin, diannevalentin@gmail.com
Managing Director: Amanda Hill-Attkisson, amanda@georgiawand.org
Public Outreach Director: Courtney Hanson, courtney@georgiawand.org


WAND of Northern Indiana
Website: www.wandni.org
President: Karen Jacob, lovekaren55@msn.com
Secretary: Sue Burkholder, suehburk@aol.com
Treasurer: Lois Bare, loiskbare@msn.com


WAND Southeast Michigan
Membership Chair: Fern Katz, faygy1@comcast.net
Treasurer: Lorraine Lerner, lsquared2@comcast.net


Website: www.oregonwand.org
Chair: Susan Cundiff, scundiff@riousa.com
Chair: Janice Zagorin, jzago@epud.net
Treasurer: Penny Palmer, becpal@comcast.net


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