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Meeting with Members of Congress

Three Easy Steps:  Scheduling Your Congress Meets Community Meeting

  • Choose one person to be the point person for scheduling the meeting.
  • Send a written request for a meeting via fax, e-mail or mail (see sample letter below).
  • Try to send your request about 30 days in advance of when you’d like to meet, especially if you want to meet with the Senator or Representative. You can often meet with staff on shorter notice.

Contact us for help sending the request to the right office and person. Note that many meeting requests are made during each recess. You may also be able to meet with your Senators/Representative over a weekend too, since many come back to their home states and districts frequently. If you can be flexible with your time availability, that will be helpful.

A few days later follow up with a phone call to the person to whom you sent the written request. Be prepared to provide the letter requesting a meeting again and to provide additional contact information (like a cell phone) in case there are last minute scheduling changes.

**Please note that fifteen minutes is a standard amount of time to meet with the Senator/ Representative. A longer meeting may be possible with staff.

Please contact WAND for assistance with scheduling a meeting.


The Honorable _______

Office Address: [see note above]
Dear Senator/ Representative:

[Greeting: It’s helpful to think of something that you can thank the Senator/Representative for.]

I am writing to request a meeting with you during the upcoming recess [or indicate dates you’re available] to discuss important security, budget, and nuclear weapons issues.

I am a member of Women's Action for New Directions [or other community organization] and live in [state/ congressional district]. I will be joined by other constituents from [other organizations represented, individuals attending.]

I will contact you in a few days about this meeting. Thank you for your kind consideration of this request.


[Name, Address (this shows that you’re a constituent; it must be included in an e-mail too), e-mail, phone]


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