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Nuclear Weapons

WAND's Work on Nuclear Weapons

Women's Action for New Directions began as Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament in 1982. With the end of the Cold War we expanded our mission to include the federal budget and a redirection of priorities away from the military and toward human needs. Although WAND has broadened its mission, we have never stopped working towards nuclear disarmament.

Take Action on the CTBT!

Join us as we lay the groundwork to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty CTBT)! Check out our action resources below. More educational resources on the CTBT can be found here.

Check out the calendar and map below to learn more about nuclear disarmament events in your area.


Take a look at this map to show you where you can take action!


This calendar lists nuclear disarmament events held by WAND and partner organizations throughout the country.


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