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Budget Priorities

All You Need to Know about the Federal Budget and Pentagon Spending

Below you will find links to help you take action and shape our nation's budget priorities! Be sure to check out WAND's action guide called, All Our Dollars, to learn all about the federal budget process. To read our most recent pieces about the federal budget and military spending, click here.

Tight belt around piggy bankWhat the Continuing Sequester Means for the Budget

Since sequestration hit the federal budget on March 1, 2013, the debate of fiscal responsibility has raged on. Vital human needs programs are being slashed while some in Congress continue to try to exempt the enormous Pentagon Budget. Now more than ever it is important to tell Congress to look for savings in the wasteful, outdated, over budget programs in the Pentagon.

Click here to see WAND’s new Fact Sheet about Budget Priorities and to learn more about the background and current actions surrounding this issue please read our Budget Priorities Talking Points here.

Budget Priorities at the "Fiscal Cliff"

Automatic budget cuts known as "sequestration" are slated to take effect in January 2013 unless Congress takes action. Our nation's leaders are actively searching for alternatives to sequestration, and Pentagon spending must be on the table as an area of spending that can be reduced to prevent us from going over the "fiscal cliff."

Click here to download WAND's new Fact Sheet: Pentagon Spending Must Be On The Table To Address Fiscal Cliff

Budget Priority Activities

How would YOU spend the federal discretionary budget? Try out a bean poll at your next tabling event or use the toolkit below to organize a Dining for Peace event and learn about the federal budget!

Pentagon Spending Postcard

What would you rather pay for instead of war? This postcard is an interactive and creative way to engage people about military spending during your next event. Use them to collect signatures and deliver or mail them to your elected officials!

Courtesy of Oregon WAND

WAND's Budget Pie Exercise

It's here! The famous American budget pie, now with an even more gigantic slice for the Pentagon! Please share with your friends and family. You know they've been wondering how much for the Pentagon this year: 56%

Download WAND's Pie Chart and Guide for the President's Requested Budget for FY 2013


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