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Sayre Speaks: The Cuts Are Coming!—What Do They Mean for WAND?(Comments Off)

January 10, 2012

Described as “a change of doctrine,” military cuts have been outlined, first by Defense Secretary Panetta, then in a speech by Obama.  $450 billion over the next ten years amounts to significant cuts. WAND members might have been surprised by Obama saying “We will still be bigger than the next 12 countries combined.” Here he [...]

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Sayre Speaks: Australia and the U.S. — Our Expanding Military Presence in the Pacific

Written by Sayre Sheldon On Obama’s recent trip to Australia he announced that 2,500 marines would be deployed there: the first long-term expansion of American military presence in the Pacific since the end of the Vietnam War. “What is the significance of this move,” I asked our Australian connection, WAND’s founder Helen Caldicott, who was [...]


Sayre Speaks: A Great Day for Women and Peace!

Sayre’s Blog Spot October 7, 2011 The Nobel Peace Prize goes to three women for their years of work for world peace! Two of these women are from Africa, Liberia, the third from an Arab country, Yemen! All of us in WAND who have believed so long that we can’t have peace unless women are [...]


Sayre Speaks: Budgets cut, teachers dig deeper for supplies

Written by Sayre Sheldon “Budgets cut, teachers dig deeper for supplies” Why did this front page article upset me so much? It wasn’t anything new. I remember the stories of my niece, a teacher in California. When she switched from a kindegarten class in prosperous Palo Alto to a poorer part of the city, she [...]


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