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Arkansas WAND at the State Capitol

Be part of a powerful community of women leading our country to a secure future! Read below to learn about the many benefits of WAND membership or download our WAND Brochure.

  • You’ll get plenty of communications from us! You’ll be in the loop on all our activities, from chapters and members, to the latest on Capitol Hill. Subscribe to any number of our communications  - the monthly Bulletin, timely action alerts, and webinar trainings on important issues. And we produce other valuable materials that you can request at any time - advocacy resources, fact sheets, brochures, and more!
  • You’ll have access to the dedicated WAND staff in Atlanta, Boston, and Washington, DC. Our staff are dedicated to empowering women to affect public policy on nuclear weapons, the military budget, and war. We track legislative developments on Capitol Hill, and work to help you contact and work effectively with your elected officials.
  • You’ll have plenty of support if you want to carry WAND’s mission into your community, or if you want to join or start a local WAND chapter. Our chapters do great work! They plan special community events, as well as work with elected officials, local community leaders and media. All this fuels WAND’s effectiveness in shaping public policy.
  • You'll be able to support progressive women candidates. WAND members are the first to receive information from the WAND PAC which supports women who run for Congress and advocate for peace and justice!
  • You’ll have unparalleled access to women state legislators in your community. WAND has a unique program for legislators called the Women Legislators’ Lobby (WiLL). When WAND and WiLL members work together, they are a powerful force for empowering women and changing public policy.

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Georgia WAND with the Indigo Girls

We value every member of WAND. Annual dues are whatever you can afford. Suggested dues are $50 each year.

You can sign up on our online membership sign-up page here.

Note: Membership dues are not tax-deductible.


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