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Guest Commentary: Guest Commentary: End Endless War and Waste

Jennifer Schultz MNby Jennifer Schultz, Minnesota State Representative (District 07A)

I would like to thank Congressman Rick Nolan for urging Congress to do its part to change the failed U.S. policy in the Middle East and end 15 years of continual war [“America's 'perpetual war' in the Middle East must end,” October 10].

Indeed, the United States cannot afford to continue spending more than half-a-trillion dollars per year on a Pentagon budget that is driven by defense contractors’ bottom lines as much as national security priorities.

Adding insult to injury, the Pentagon cannot pass an audit, meaning that it is much more difficult to know where the real gaps are and where funding is adequate. Consider that the billions of dollars wasted in the Pentagon behemoth could go to unmet education, infrastructure, and healthcare needs here at home.

Moreover, just a fraction of the costs of war can be put towards diplomatic solutions with real, lasting outcomes, a lesson we learned this summer with the successful negotiation of the Iran nuclear agreement. With this fresh in our minds, I echo Congressman Nolan’s call to reexamine U.S. strategy in the Middle East and ensure that taxpayer dollars are not foolishly wasted on conflicts that have no military solution.



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