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Georgia WAND Fights for Health and Environment Monitoring Near Nuclear Weapons Site


We salute Georgia WAND’s steadfast work to protect the health and environment of eastern Georgia communities impacted by a nearby nuclear weapons production facility.

On Wednesday, February 1 Georgia WAND announced that the Department of Energy does not intend to fund essential environmental monitoring for these communities, whose residents  have long been concerned about the health effects of the radioactive materials released from the facility. Georgia WAND has worked with these communities for many years.

One affected community member is Annie Laura Stephens, who received an award for her work with Georgia WAND at the September 2011 WAND/WiLL “Women at the Table of Power” National Women's Leadership Conference.

In spite of this setback, the Georgia WAND community, including the courageous Annie Laura Stephens, will undoubtedly continue to work to protect the people of Georgia from the harmful effects of radiation. Read more about this development here.


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