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Nuclear Weapons Remain a Threat


Oregon WAND chapter member, John Saemann, published a stirring letter to the editor in The Register Guard on January 3, 2012 calling for the elimination of nuclear weapons. Read his compelling letter below!

While we have the season’s warm feelings about peace on Earth and good will to mankind, more than 5,000 U.S. nuclear weapons are on a launch-on-warning alert. It’s not in the news because nothing is happening — yet.

Our Trident nuclear submarines are prowling the seven seas at this very moment of peace on Earth, and hundreds of millions of tax dollars are funding refurbishing our weapons of mass destruction.

When will we demand this insanity end? When will we really have peace on Earth? Will it be in 2012? Let’s make it so, and realize that praying and wishing will not get us there. Congress must stop funding war.


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